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Applied Learning Programs

The PMMS Applied learning program is specifically designed to blend theory and practical applications.

A blend of short half day workshops followed by one2 one skills transfer which is based on a live project selected between the organisation and PMMS.

By combining these two learning methods, the delegates are able to “learn by doing” and the organisation will see an immediate return on investment as the benefits generated form the projects will more than cover the initial outlay. In fact in our experience these returns often generate a 5:1 ROI.

What is it?

A program that delivers knowledge in an interactive forum, on live projects via a package of group training and one on one coaching to selected delegates


How many people can go on it?

The maximum number of delegates is 10

How long will it take?

The training and coaching packages can be of different lengths and depths and is tailored for each organisation.

Each session will be of 2 days duration (depending on cohort size). These blocks of two days will allow the delegates to receive the “theory” in half day blocks, and then by the one on one coaching to start to put in practice what it means for them and their project.

What is the output?

The output from each session is a category/negotiation/contract management plan that is executable.


What support is available?

In between each session, the plans should be sent to PMMS for review, and in addition, PMMS will also support the delegates via email or phone.

Delegates will also receive access to Assist PMMS online repository of tools and templates during the program

A tailored applied learning programme that both develops an individual’s procurement expertise whilst delivering a measurable ROI back to the organisation. It equips delegates with the ability to implement the knowledge they have gained from the workshops to their working environment and to deliver a significant return on the training investment to their organisation

To provide a practical skills development program which ensures that delegates receive actual coaching rather than stand-alone theory

Measurable benefits come from the business based project that each of the delegates is undertakes. Savings generated by the business project generally offset the program cost and normally returns savings in excess of the fee.

Client Says

"This is the best training experience I have ever had - the results delivered were outstanding"