Embed best practice procurement processes

Best practice tools and techniques delivered through our online procurement process

Structured Approach to Strategic Procurement

SASP is a proven facilitated process that helps business teams to develop Sourcing Strategies that they can own and support.

The SASP process is takes us into areas of real competitive advantage through alignment of supply markets to Business Needs across the whole supply chain.

Not simply supplier focused, it often stimulates changes to internal practices that enable better integration of the Supply Chain and hence enhanced Business Outcome.

A rigourous process used hundreds of times around the world to facilitate cross functional teams to truly understand the Business Needs and deliver strategic, sustainable solutions to procurement problems and situations.



  • Engages all stakeholder areas across the business to ensure buy-in to procurement solution

  • Rigourous process drives out cost and waste

  • Provides consistent approach

  • Focus on total cost and value, not just price

  • Facilitates long term, strategic thinking

  • Ensures strong governance